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Prince George's

Anne Arundel
I-595 · John Hanson Hwy.
19.97 mi.; from I-495 east to MD 70, Annapolis.

Unmarked, signed as US 50 or 50-301.

NHS: Entire length. Although not signed, 595 is offically an Interstate, and by default part of the National Highway System. The rest of US 50 is in anyway.

I-595 is the secret designation given the Interstate-standard section of US 50 between the Capital Beltway and Annapolis. Named in signage below the markers as the Capital Corridor, it is called I-595 only in official documents, such as the aforementioned NHS program. The funding for this upgrade came from allocations set aside for projects in Baltimore and Washington that were killed by local opposition.

Originally, it was to be posted as I-68, but it was decided an additional route would be confusing and unnecessary, given the 'brand recognition' of US 50 as the way to the ocean. I-68 was later given to the National Freeway in western Maryland and West Virginia, and this project given I-595.

The I-595 number was to be used a link from I-95 to the completed portion of I-170 in West Baltimore after I-70 west of 170 was killed. This 595 was never built, leaving 595 free for later use.

Officially, I-595 ends at MD 70 in Annapolis. East of MD 70, the Severn River Bridge is six lanes with no shoulders, and a few direct turnoffs near MD 2; obviously not I-standard.

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