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Owings Mills
I-795 · Northwest Expressway
8.99 mi.; from I-695 north to MD 140-30

Marked north-south.

NHS: Entire length. All Interstates are part of the NHS by default.

The Northwest Expressway was one of the first planned freeways. But though it was conceived well before the Interstate system was instituted, it would be until 1985 that any part of it would be completed. It was also supposed to run inside I-695 linking with Wabash Avenue in Northwest Baltimore, running parallel with the Baltimore Metro subway line, but was removed from consideration.

In 1985, the first section of the new I-795 was completed, from I-695 north to Owings Mills Blvd., and the new Metro station. I-795 is a dual-mode corridor; the Metro tracks run south from the station into Baltimore City, using part of the right-of-way inside the Beltway. The remainder of I-795 north of Owings Mills to MD 140 northwest of Reisterstown was opened in October 1987.


There is need for and talk about new limited access highway to be built from the current northern terminus of I-795 west along 140 to Westminster. I wouldn't hold my breath. Carroll County is one of the most Republican counties in a state where the Democrats hold a near-monopoly, unless your name is Bob Ehrlich. For the time being, MD 140 west of I-795 carries four lanes packed in to a narrow right-of-way, with direct left turns off the mainline prohibited. The importance of this segment is reflected in its NHS status.

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8.99 9 MD 140
6.55 7 Franklin
3.93 4 MD 940
0.00 1 I-695 19